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Custom Printed Laser Cutting Acrylic Plastic Ruler for Promotion and School

Product Name: School Acrylic ruler

Adhesive Or Not: Yes

Customized: Yes

Brand Name: Desen

Model Number: DX-001

Size: customized

Color: customized

Logo: customized

Packing: opp bags or customized

Product details







Product Name : Squares Triangle Ruler Protractor

Material : PS Packing : 240 x83mm Specifications : 20cm straight ruler, isosceles triangle ruler, right triangle ruler, protractor

Ruler Size : 160x30mm Package size : 188×81mm Packing : 4 pieces set of ruler Color Mixing : Random Delivery Subject : Airline Tickets

Product Features :

  • measuring Angle does not cover the line, does not affect the visual judgment
  • Transparent design
  • Four suits
  • The scale is clear
  • Surface waterproofing
  • Color block Marking tape arrowThe bar scale line of the ordinary measuring set is easy to stare at for a long time, affecting the reading. Able students set ruler, carefully marked digital color block, digital arrow display scale, designed for students.
  • 15cm is just right The ruler has wavesThe straightedge is not the longer the better, long too long is not easy to place, carry, and easy to break the potential. 15cm with waves just right, easy to carry.
  • tripod Surface surveyTest to learn to draw graphics, a ruler multi-functional, can measure length, specific qualitative Angle, can do auxiliary line. The three-sided scale can complete the exam without reversing and simply moving back and forth.
  • Carefully designed student ruler, in the details of the care of learning skin. The edge and corner of the engraving and degree ruler are smooth and rounded, and the acrylic ruler body is smooth and comfortable, without burrs. The quality that does not hurt the hand is worth choosing the right hand.
  • The measuring scale line is set to the top, and the edge is aligned with the line when measuring, and the data is directly measured. The measured data is accurate and the error is small, and the estimation time is reduced.

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