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How to Print on Acrylic Keychain

February 17, 2024


Take an exciting trip into the world of printing acrylic keychains! The appeal of printing on acrylic keychains offers many chances for opinion. It does not matter your level of expertise as an artist, your goals as a business owner, or your love for creating. This tutorial will walk you through turning your ideas into reality. They hang on acrylic keychains. From choosing the design to grasping the specifics of UV printing, we will focus. Learn the realm of color science in depth. And explore the options of mixing textures to create unique shapes and sizes. You can make unique acrylic keychains that attract and speak to your style. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey. Every keychain is a blank canvas for your ideas to go wild and turn everyday things into memories. And emotive gifts that make an impact. Are you ready to take off on this exciting action? Now, let's get started!

What are the basics of an acrylic keychain?

An acrylic keychain is a useful little tool for managing all your keys in one place. It is made of acrylic, a unique type of clear and solid plastic, and has a nice look. People love these keychains since they can be created with fun designs. You can use your name, stylish logo, or favorite cartoon character. They are made with a unique laser that shapes and cuts the design. It cut the design into the plastic, giving it a fantastic look. These keychains can display some of your uniqueness. And it offers an excellent spot to keep your keys. They will last a long time without cracking or losing their color. And these are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

How to print on an acrylic keychain

It can be fun to print on acrylic keychains! It is how to go about it:

Set up your design: Think of what you want on your keychain. It can be the thing you want, like your name or a unique photo!

Select your keychain: Select its size and form. Choose the best size from the number of shapes and sizes.

Setup the Printer: Make sure the UV printer that you've chosen is clean and working before using it. UV printers apply a unique type of ink that dries faster when exposed to UV light.

To ensure your acrylic keychain is fresh and ready for printing, give it a complete wash.

Print Your Design: After placing the keychain into the printer, apply the app to print your design onto it. When you press the print button, your design will come to life on the keychain!

Dry the Ink: The ink must be dried out after printing. Ink dries quicker with UV printers due to a unique type of light.

Verify the keychain: Make sure that the look of your design is what you wish for. You can try again next time, in case you made any mistakes!

Hardware for the Keychain: You must add rings or chains to make your acrylic item into the keychain.

Find out that it is ideal: Verify that everything is in order before showing off your new keychain.

Wow! You now own a unique, well-made keychain!

What is the best place for your exact acrylic keychains?

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How can I pick the ideal acrylic keychain design?

Select an interest of yours! It may be your name, a loved animal, or a creative design. Check that the keychain fits it well.

What kind of printer is needed to print on acrylic keychains?

A UV printer, a unique kind of printer, is needed. It allows using a particular ink that fits on acrylic and dries.

Can I print on any acrylic stuff?

The best acrylic to use is clear acrylic. Your design looks clean and bright in this way.

How can my design be ready for printing?

Make the design on a computer and save it as a JPG or PNG image file. Check that the size fits your keychain well.

Does printing on acrylic keychains need an exact kind of ink?

Yes, UV ink is needed. It is strong and lasts well on acrylic.

Can you print on both sides of the acrylic keychain?

On time! Based on the printer, yes. Ensure that each edge of your design is lined.

How can I be sure the printed design is vital for a long time?

Use good-quality ink, and check that it has dried. Try to avoid placing your keychain in high or low temperatures.


Wrapping up and printing on acrylic keychains is a fun and rewarding process. You can make beautiful keychains with our steps that show off your style and creativity. Anyone finds it amazing to create and print on acrylic keychains. They can be designed for their use, as gifts, or for sale. Collect your ideas, release the creative artist, and enjoy making unique keychains!

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